ICE-2017 has been selected as one of the top ten credible conferences in the world
  Important Notes
ICN-2018 will be in Sep. 6-7,2018 in Istanbul,Turkey:

ICE-2018 will be in 
Sep. 6-7,2018 in Istanbul,Turkey:

The packages of not-attending authors are posted to their postal address.

General programs and conductor for ICE-2017 (September 8):

8:00 - 8:30   Reception

8:30 - 10:30   ICN-2017 oral presentations

10:30 - 11:00   Morning coffee break

11:00 - 13:00   ICE-2017 oral presentations

13:00 - 14:00   Lunch time

14:00 - 16:00   ICN-2017 oral presentations

16:00 - 16:30   Evening coffee break 

16:30 – 18:00  ICN-2017 and ICE-2017 poster presentations

The journal coordinator link will be in your c-panel in Sep. 4.

Important notes for the respectable attending authors:

1- All presentations will be in English. Moreover if your presentation is oral,please make about 10 slides with assuming 10 min presentation in maximum. Also posters must be prepared in A3 glassy paper. Its template is in the home page of the site. The posters must include only the important sections of the paper (Not all of the paper).

2- Only the authors can enter the conference hotel that paid the attending fee. There is not any permission for wife,friend,colleague,teacher and student of the authors,if they have not paid the attending fee. Also who is registered but is not attending cannot enter the conference hotel.

3-With payment of one attending fee,one ID card to hotel entrance will be issued (only for the paper presenter). Also for the attending authors with more than one paper that paid one attending fee,one ID card to hotel entrance will be issued and the other ID cards in her/his profile is not credible.  

4- Please bring the original receipts of your payments with yourself.

After the abstract acceptance and payment:

Please replace your abstract WORD file by the full paper WORD file in “View and edit full text paper and paper information” item of your “PAPER STATUS” item in the control panel. Please fill all items of this section very carefully because your certification will be issued based on this information.

2- Also please upload your payment receipt by “send paper cost receipt” item of your “PAPER STATUS”.

3-Moreover your PDF version of the full paper must be uploaded in “Edit/Upload final PDF version of the paper/ (Necessary)” item of your “PAPER STATUS”.

4-If your full paper needs any revision we will inform you by the messages item of your control panel.

7th International Conference on Electrical,Computer,Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering (ICE-2017) focuses on emerging technologies to provide technical forum and research discussion related to Electrical,Computer,Mechanical and Mechatronics engineering.

The Conference is aimed to bring researchers,
academicians,scientists,students,engineers and practitioners together to participate and present their latest research finding developments and applications related to the various aspects of Electrical,
Computer Mechanical and Mechatronics engineering.


In ICE-2017 for all of the accepted papers golden certification with Euro Union serial barcode label will be issued.


ICE-2017 has been selected as one of the top ten credible conferences in the world
By European universities society,ICE-2017 has been selected as one of the top ten credible conferences in the world.
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All of the accepted papers of ICE-2017 can also be published in ISI journals.
Note 1: After the paper acceptance and fully registration in the ICE-2017,it also can be published in ISI journals based on the author selection. Note 2: A coordinator will be introduced by SRPioneers to help the author in the selected journal proceeding/publishing. Note 3: Any publishing payments will be by the author if she/he wants to publish her/his paper in the selected journal. Note 4: All standards of the selected journal must be regarded by the author.
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A FREE quantum & nano device simulation workshop (A.T.K) is anticipated for the ICE-2017 participants.
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Electrical engineering:
Active Filtering and Unity Power Factor Correction Circuits
Active power quality controllers
Aerospace applications
Analysis,design,control,and applications of electrical machines and drives
Application and Design of Power Electronic Systems
Application of power electronics in power system and generation
Automotive vehicles
Bearingless drive technologies
Bioelectric systems
Bio-medical power electronics
Construction and protection
Consumer power electronics
Control systems
Control of Power Converters
Custom power devices
Distributed generation
Distribution networks
Electrical Machines and Actuators
Electromagnetic Compatibility
Electro-Mechanical Energy Conversion
EMC improvement with new materials and elements,systems
EMC standardization
Energy saving and compatibility of electrical drives and generators
Energy storages
Filters and compensators
Fuel cell
General power quality problems and measurements
Grid interfaces
Hard-switching and soft-switching static power converters
Hybrid energy systems
Measurements and computation-property of the power electronics circuits
Measurements,Sensors and Observing Techniques
Mechatronic Systems
Micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS)
Military Technology
Modeling and simulation
Modulation techniques
Motion Control,Robotics,Adjustable Speed Drives
Motor drives
Power Converters
Power Electronics Controllers for Power Systems
Power Electronics converters for drives and generators
Power Electronics education/professional development
Power Electronics in Electrical Energy Generation,Transmission and Distribution
Power Electronics in traction,automotive and shipping propulsion
Power Electronics in Transportation
Power Engineering related technologies
Power integrated circuits (PIC)
Power quality issues,harmonic problems and solutions
Power Quality,Alternative Energy and Distributed Systems
Power semiconductors,passive components and packaging technologies
Reliability and economics
Renewable Energy Sources
Renewable energy Technologies
Semiconductor Devices and Packaging
Special Power Electronic Systems and Applications
Switch-mode power supplies and UPS
Telecommunications power supplies
Test,measurement and instrumentation
Unconventional motors and generators
Unconventional power electronics converters
Variable and constant speed generators
Voltage restorers



Computer engineering:

Artificial Intelligence
Automated Software Engineering
Bioinformatics and Scientific Computing
Biomedical Engineering
Compilers and Interpreters
Computational Intelligence
Computer Animation
Computer Architecture & VLSI
Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems
Computer Based Education
Computer Games
Computer Graphics & Virtual Reality
Computer Graphics and Multimedia
Computer Modeling      Computer Networks
Computer Networks and Data Communication
Computer Security
Computer Simulation
Computer Vision
Computer-aided Design/Manufacturing
Computing Ethics
Computing Practices & Applications
Control Systems
Data Communications
Data Compression
Data Encryption
Data Mining
Database Systems
Digital Library    Digital Signal and Image Processing
Digital System and Logic Design
Distributed and Parallel Processing
Distributed Systems
E-commerce and E-governance
Event Driven Programming
Expert Systems
High Performance Computing
Human Computer Interaction
Image Processing
Information Retrieval
Information Systems
Internet and Web Applications
Knowledge Data Engineering
Mobile Computing       
Multimedia Applications
Natural Language Processing
Neural Networks
Parallel and Distributed Computing
Pattern RecognitionPerformance Evaluation
Programming Languages
Reconfigurable Computing Systems
Robotics and Automation
Security & Cryptography
Software Engineering & CASE
System Security
Technology in Education
Technology Management
Theoretical Computer Science
Ubiquitous Computing
Wireless Sensor Networks
Wireless Communication and Mobile Computing



 Mechanical and mechatronics engineering:

Acoustics and Noise Control
Advanced and Digital Manufacturing
Advanced Energy Systems
Advanced Materials
Aerospace Engineering
Applied Mechanics
Automation,Mechatronics and Robotics
Automotive Systems
Bioengineering and Biomedical
Composite and Smart Materials
Compressible Flows
Computational Mechanics
Computational Techniques
Dynamical Systems
Dynamics and Vibration
Energy Engineering and Management
Engineering Materials
Engineering Systems Design and Analysis
Fatigue and Fracture
Fluid Dynamics
Fluid Mechanics and Machinery
Fluids Engineering
Fuels and Combustion
Heat and Mass Transfer
Heat Transfer
Instrumentation and Control
Internal Combustion Engines
Machinery and Machine Design
Manufacturing and Production Processes
Marine System Design
Material Science and Processing
Mechanical Design
Mechanical Power Engineering
MEMS and Nano Technology
Micro and Nano Technology
Multi body Dynamics
Nanomaterial Engineering
Naval Architecture and Engineering of
Marine Systems
New and Renewable Energy
Noise and Vibration
Nonlinear Dynamics
Optical Engineering
Plasticity Mechanics
Pollution and Environmental Engineering
Precision mechanics,mechatronics
Production Technology
Quality assurance and environment protection
Resistance and Propulsion
Robotics,Automation and Control
Structural Dynamics
Science and Research Pioneers Institute (SRPioneers) with cooperation of the faculties of famous universities of the world especially those of Iran and Turkey,Georgia and Armenia.
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41,Vasil Barnov Street,Tbilisi,Georgia


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